From ftm

FTM & Co is developed in the Real-Time Musical Interactions team at IRCAM by

  • Norbert Schnell
  • Riccardo Borghesi
  • Diemo Schwarz
  • Frederic Bevilacqua
  • Remy Müller
  • Jean-Philippe Lambert
  • Julien Bloit
  • Baptiste Caramiaux
  • Arshia Cont
  • Pierre Duquesne
  • Sebastien Gulluni
  • Baptiste de la Gorce
  • Bruno Zamborlin
  • Adrian Gierakowski

Contributions to the documentation by

  • Miguel Ortiz

... and many others

The PureData support has been developed by

  • IOhannes Zmölnig (at the IEM Graz)
  • Tommaso Bianco
  • Pierre Duquesne

Parts of FTM & Co have been developped in the framework and with the support of the following projects:

FTM is based on the Max/FTS and jMax projects that have been conducted by the IRCAM's Real-Time Systems team under the coordination of Francois Dechelle, who contributed some of the essential functionalities of what today is FTM. jMax was also developed by Maurizo Decceco, Enzo Maggi and Patrice Tisserand. Max/FTS was based on Max for the ISPW written by Miller Puckette et al.

For their courage and critique contributing to the evolution of the project we would like to thank

  • Roland Cahen
  • Olivier Pasquet
  • Alexis Baskind
  • Thomas Goepfer
  • Benoit Meudic
  • Andrew Gerzso
  • Mikhail Malt
  • Emmanuel Jourdan

For their wisdom and advice we would like to thank

  • Gerhard Eckel
  • Xavier Rodet
  • Alain de Cheveigné
  • Geoffroy Peeters
  • Axel Roebel

The basic design of Gabor is based on ideas that have been previously implemented in Gerhard Eckel's work on granular and FOF synthesis.