How to install FTM for Max6 on Windows?

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Q: How to install FTM for Max6 on Windows?

A: The current windows installer (2.5.0-beta21) is an old installer conceived for Max5 and never tested on Max6, but normally the manual installation should be simple:

  • add the ftm-and-co folder into your MaxPath (for exemple copy it into Max6/Cycling '74 folder)
  • copy ftmlib.dll, libsndfile-1.dll and pthreadVC2.dll into Max6/support folder

The rest is optional, but you can copy:

  • FTMExtras folder inside Max6/patches/extras
  • ftmkeycomands.txt and ftmobjectlist.txt into Max6/cycling74/init
  • ftm.palette.json, ftm.mess.svb, ftm.editor.svg, ftm.vecdisplay, and ftm.object.svg into Max6/cycling74/object-palettes

The javascript ftm support doesn't work in Max6.

If at this point you still can't start ftm, probably you need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. You can download it from here:

(Riccardo Borghesi)