Pitfalls for Maxers

From ftm

This page tries to list the most common errors die hard Maxers fall into when getting started with [FTM]. Please add your own experience...

  • Don't use Max's print to display FTM objects, Use ftm.print.
  • Don't use Max's loadbang to trigger FTM stuff (that uses FTM references). Some references may not be fully initialised yet. Use an [FTM message box] with the loadbang option enabled in its inspector.
  • Don't forget that [FTM objects] are sent around as references, i.e. when you change the data, the original object is changed. Use trigger l l l, and ftm.copy when necessary.
  • Indexing of FTM matrices is in row, column order, as is usual in mathematics. Max uses column, row like coordinates in pixel graphics.