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The FTM external SDK (Mac OS X only) consist of an Xcode project and the sources of three example externals that demonstrate the most important features of the FTM external API.

  • fff.coucou ...¬†an external storing four different items using messages and/or four dedicated inlets
  • fff.pack ... a full FTM compatible pack
  • fff.pingpong~ ... a non-sense DSP external toggeling an input signal between two outputs


Older versions:

Instructions (version 2.6)

Max 5 SDK

The FTM external SDK depends of the Max 5 SDK available from Cycling '74.

The variable C74_SUPPORT_DIR in the Xcode build project has to be set to the folder of the Max 5 SDK (usually "c74support").

By default, the project looks for the Max 5 SDK in "/Applications/Max5/c74support".

FTM Library

An FTM external always has to be next to the FTM library external ftm.mxo. The bundle of ftm.mxo also contains the FTM header files needed to compile the externals.

The directory "externals" in the SDK distribution contains a copy of the ftm.mxo and by default, the compiled example externals are copied into this directory to work right away.

Nevertheless, you should set the variable EXTERNALS_DIR of the Xcode build project to the externals directory of your current FTM & Co distribution.

This way the compilation uses the header files of the FTM release you actually use and the compiled externals are directly copied next to the ftm.mxo library external and the other externals of this release.


For questions and suggestions, please consider subscribing and contributing to the ftm-devel mailing-list.