FAQ Template

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This is a template for a FAQ entry, with all possible elements in place

Q: This is the frequently asked question, that is not anwered directly and completely by reading the fine manual (RTFM), as embodied in the help patches, class browser in the FTM Overview patch, documentation pages, etc.
Or, the question is asked from a user's point of view, which follows a different, more applicative logic than the reference.

A: Here is the answer from a user's point of view.

Good to give example code/expressions for ftm.mess

 ((new fmat 123 1) rampinc 0 1)

or for ftm.object

 [fmat 321 1, rampinc 1 0 | myfmat]

More Info: Here you could give additional information.

See also: Why not linking to other pages in the FAQ.

Source: If there was a longer discussion on the mailing list, you could link to the thread or a specific message.

And finally, add the page to the appropriate categories: