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This FAQ aims to be an interactively built-up documentation of how to use FTM. It depends on your (the user's) input, be it only with questions. (Just insert a new page with your question, and mark it in the title as unanswered.)




Basic Concept


Interaction with Max/MSP

Building Max Standalone with FTM inside

FTM External Objects

The FTM Message Box ftm.mess

The FTM Object and Name Definition Box ftm.object

FTM Data Classes

The fmat Class: Matrix Operations

The track Class: Sequence of Values

The dict Class: Dictionary/Lookup Table/Associative Array

The expr Class: An expression as a data object

[Other Data Classes...]

Exchanging Data

  • How can I convert FTM data to Max data?
  • How can I convert FTM data to and from Jitter?

SDIF Integration